Different Types Of Web Hosting Platform And Their Suitability For Your Business

Web hosting requirements are of two types. Free hosting which is appropriate for starters seeking to make a personal or experimental website, bloggers, or occasional users of publishing matter on the web. Commercial hosting which includes the launching of small business websites with an intention to capture the market and sell products and services online. The requirement criteria for both of the above-mentioned hosting needs are different. To know more about one of the best low-cost web hosting companies suitable for your newly established business one can see lithium hosting review done by famous review site www.cloudwards.net.
Different types of hosting services available in the market include:
1. Shared hosting platforms: A right choice for newer websites with brochure format, which do not have much of the initial traffic, in shared web hosting the server is shared between various websites. It is cheaper in terms of cost, but the traffic majorly impacts the performance of your website on other sharing websites.
2. Reseller hosting service: Suitable for the website owner who intends to resell the web hosting space brought to another buyer also known as hosting affiliate. In this option there are some additional perks the buyer enjoys like free web templates, extended technical support to your client by the hosting company, mention of your company name in the domain name bought by the third party which enhances your web presence.
3. Cloud-based web hosting: New age technology where multiple servers work together as a single larger server. With the increase in traffic on the client websites, hosting companies upgrade the capacity and hardware specification using the cloud to provide the users seamless smooth functioning of the website. These hosting option which works on the payment term of “pay as what is used” is an appropriate choice for the website owners whose page, product or service is gaining popularity and attracting growing traffic day by day.
4. Virtual Private server: Its offers a package with advantages of both shared and private server, wherein the hardware resources are shared between other users, but a dedicated computing resource is provided which avoids traffic on other websites to influence the performance of your website and that too at a reasonable pricing of the shared service.
5. Dedicated server: Considering the pricing, ideally a choice for those who have a reasonably established presence on the web, these servers provide a dedicated chunk of resources and bandwidth exclusively for your website ensuring high speed and performance. The maintenance of resources and assistance for troubleshooting is all taken care by the hosting company.
6. Self-service web hosting: These type of hosting options required a sophisticated technical skill set by the user to take care of everything from hiring a data center space, maintaining temperature for accurate cooling, power source and backup facility for the machines, managing bandwidth issues and performing the crucial role of system administrator.
7. WordPress Hosting: With the increasing popularity of WordPress web building platform a dedicated option of WordPress managed hosting is also available wherein the hosting company takes care of installations, updates, and security issues.
Depending upon your specific requirement of speed, security, budget, expected online traffic and technological know-how, you can choose from the variety of hosting options offered by web hosting companies in the web space.

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