What Are The Features Of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 has a whole lot of tools which will make you very productive in your work. If you have been using MS office for a while now, it is easy to operate with the new office 365 as there are not many changes in the way you work with it but has a whole lot of benefits. You can Buy Microsoft Office from Software Depot from software depot and start using the application in the same way as before but only with a changed interface. Many businesses are using this product and increasing their level of productivity as per reports from www.pcworld.com.

Below are some of the benefits the Microsoft Office 365 offers:

Improved productivity

Productivity means different things for different sets of people. For an employee, productivity means being able to do things easily. The new MS Office 365 is just the software your business needs as the process of learning to use is easy and mastering it is quick. The use of the software is simple yet produces great results for your company. Using this technology, the focus will be more on the job and less on learning the software.

Seamless access

The Microsoft office 365 is an enterprise software and is available on the web. It enables you to use this software from anywhere provided you have the internet as the software is running in a centralized data center. The advantage of the data center is that you are always working on the most updated document.


Based on the access privileges, security can be set. Some files may be viewed by everyone in the company and some by a select few. You can set the security based on a group or individual’s role in the organization. The tool SharePoint also helps with version control and controls editing of a document through check in and check out process. The overall security and other Microsoft software related issues rest on Microsoft, and your IT team can work on other IT infrastructure issues of your company.

Ease of use

Microsoft comes out with the best software always; they make software that is easy to use and do not frequently change the way the software is used for the reason that users are comfortable. The only difference with the new Office 365 is the way it connects to the enterprise software through its cloud, i.e. instead of the documents residing on a server in your company, the documents are all stored in a data center which you can access from anywhere.

Organize your work

The Microsoft office 365 has a new tool to offer, and that is the Office 365 planner. It not only helps you to plan your workflow but also allows you to check the workflow of your team and thereby help in collaborative work. It is also a tool for project management to help plan and assign tasks, track it and share the progress through status updates. Another advantage of this tool is the dashboards are extremely visual hence makes it easy to read and understand.

The Microsoft Office 365 software will not only help you and your company to be productive but also will make the life of your employee lot more relaxed and enjoyable.

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