Different Types Of Web Hosting Platform And Their Suitability For Your Business

Web hosting requirements are of two types. Free hosting which is appropriate for starters seeking to make a personal or experimental website, bloggers, or occasional users of publishing matter on the web. Commercial hosting which includes the launching of small business websites with an intention to capture the market and sell products and services online. The requirement criteria for both of the above-mentioned hosting needs are different. To know more about one of the best low-cost web hosting companies suitable for your newly established business one can see lithium hosting review done by famous review site www.cloudwards.net.
Different types of hosting services available in the market include:
1. Shared hosting platforms: A right choice for newer websites with brochure format, which do not have much of the initial traffic, in shared web hosting the server is shared between various websites. It is cheaper in terms of cost, but the traffic majorly impacts the performance of your website on other sharing websites.
2. Reseller hosting service: Suitable for the website owner who intends to resell the web hosting space brought to another buyer also known as hosting affiliate. In this option there are some additional perks the buyer enjoys like free web templates, extended technical support to your client by the hosting company, mention of your company name in the domain name bought by the third party which enhances your web presence.
3. Cloud-based web hosting: New age technology where multiple servers work together as a single larger server. With the increase in traffic on the client websites, hosting companies upgrade the capacity and hardware specification using the cloud to provide the users seamless smooth functioning of the website. These hosting option which works on the payment term of “pay as what is used” is an appropriate choice for the website owners whose page, product or service is gaining popularity and attracting growing traffic day by day.
4. Virtual Private server: Its offers a package with advantages of both shared and private server, wherein the hardware resources are shared between other users, but a dedicated computing resource is provided which avoids traffic on other websites to influence the performance of your website and that too at a reasonable pricing of the shared service.
5. Dedicated server: Considering the pricing, ideally a choice for those who have a reasonably established presence on the web, these servers provide a dedicated chunk of resources and bandwidth exclusively for your website ensuring high speed and performance. The maintenance of resources and assistance for troubleshooting is all taken care by the hosting company.
6. Self-service web hosting: These type of hosting options required a sophisticated technical skill set by the user to take care of everything from hiring a data center space, maintaining temperature for accurate cooling, power source and backup facility for the machines, managing bandwidth issues and performing the crucial role of system administrator.
7. WordPress Hosting: With the increasing popularity of WordPress web building platform a dedicated option of WordPress managed hosting is also available wherein the hosting company takes care of installations, updates, and security issues.
Depending upon your specific requirement of speed, security, budget, expected online traffic and technological know-how, you can choose from the variety of hosting options offered by web hosting companies in the web space.

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Paperless Meetings & Video Streaming To Make Council Meetings Effective


The corporate world has embraced video conferencing and paperless meetings for a long time. From meeting agenda software to cloud-based board management software, the business environment is up to date. It is high time that local councils accept the same technology. A well thought out piece on www.entrepreneur.com expounds on the value of face to face meetings but also emphasizes the need of e-meetings. In this succinct article, we explain the value of video streaming local council meeting for the betterment of society.

Many meetings held by the council of towns and cities are open to the public. But, few members of the community attend such gatherings. On an average, an individual is too tired from a long day at work to take care of daily chores and pay attention to a council assembly. Members of the community would rather finish their errands, prepare for the next day and have a good night’s sleep. For most, the task to dress up all over again and sit through decisions of topics that hold no interest is a waste of time.

While all these may be valid reasons and completely understandable, they lead to decisions made by the officials without any input from the local citizens. Furthermore, when elected authorities make decisions in isolation, there is no transparency to the process. There is no way to hold the authorities accountable. A compromise to this problem – the need to keep an eye on officials and the inability of the public to do so – is video streaming the council meetings. A streamed assembly will allow the public to attend the meeting remotely. Hence, give them the ability to participate from the comforts of home.

For the elected officials, it is beneficial because they get to hear the input, doubts and queries of the citizen. The entire process becomes more transparent and efficient. A council gathering that is monitored can even be sufficient enough to change the minds of the officials on certain topics if so needed. Another benefit of paperless meetings is the communication channel it opens up. The discourse is not one-sided. All the members of the meeting can put their views forward. Such meetings allow the public to ask any questions they have as the decision is being made.

As a result, a real-time problem-solving meeting occurs instead of retroactive solutions being found. It is not just raising questions that can better a public council meeting, but the reactions of the locals to an agenda that is put on the stage. A video streamed meeting also gives the council members the freedom to answer queries on the go. They can choose to stop mid-way to field reactions or take them up at the end. When officials know that they are being watched and monitored, they tend to make more accurate decisions. They consider the fact that they can be held accountable for the consequences.

With so many plus points of video streaming software and meeting agenda software that keep track of the gathering, it is hard to imagine that they have not become ubiquitous.

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What Are The Features Of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft office 365 has a whole lot of tools which will make you very productive in your work. If you have been using MS office for a while now, it is easy to operate with the new office 365 as there are not many changes in the way you work with it but has a whole lot of benefits. You can Buy Microsoft Office from Software Depot from software depot and start using the application in the same way as before but only with a changed interface. Many businesses are using this product and increasing their level of productivity as per reports from www.pcworld.com.

Below are some of the benefits the Microsoft Office 365 offers:

Improved productivity

Productivity means different things for different sets of people. For an employee, productivity means being able to do things easily. The new MS Office 365 is just the software your business needs as the process of learning to use is easy and mastering it is quick. The use of the software is simple yet produces great results for your company. Using this technology, the focus will be more on the job and less on learning the software.

Seamless access

The Microsoft office 365 is an enterprise software and is available on the web. It enables you to use this software from anywhere provided you have the internet as the software is running in a centralized data center. The advantage of the data center is that you are always working on the most updated document.


Based on the access privileges, security can be set. Some files may be viewed by everyone in the company and some by a select few. You can set the security based on a group or individual’s role in the organization. The tool SharePoint also helps with version control and controls editing of a document through check in and check out process. The overall security and other Microsoft software related issues rest on Microsoft, and your IT team can work on other IT infrastructure issues of your company.

Ease of use

Microsoft comes out with the best software always; they make software that is easy to use and do not frequently change the way the software is used for the reason that users are comfortable. The only difference with the new Office 365 is the way it connects to the enterprise software through its cloud, i.e. instead of the documents residing on a server in your company, the documents are all stored in a data center which you can access from anywhere.

Organize your work

The Microsoft office 365 has a new tool to offer, and that is the Office 365 planner. It not only helps you to plan your workflow but also allows you to check the workflow of your team and thereby help in collaborative work. It is also a tool for project management to help plan and assign tasks, track it and share the progress through status updates. Another advantage of this tool is the dashboards are extremely visual hence makes it easy to read and understand.

The Microsoft Office 365 software will not only help you and your company to be productive but also will make the life of your employee lot more relaxed and enjoyable.

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Things You Must Know About SEO


Every business owner who wants to up the ante as far as the growth of his business is concerned must try to make use of the latest and most effective forms of marketing. It is true that the advent of digital marketing has changed the landscape of marketing and advertising in a way that was far from being imaginable a few years ago. If you do not know a lot about the various methods that constitute digital marketing, then you can click here at www.business.com to get to know about the modus operandi of the various aspects and facets of digital marketing. The reality is that the various forms of digital marketing have undergone loads of changes ever since their genesis.

In the current era, it is the responsibility of every business owner to find out about the various intricacies and nuances of the different tools of digital media in the long terms. This does not mean that you will have to become an expert on social media marketing or search engine optimization. This only implies that you must know about the impact that these tools can have on your business. Along with this, you must also know about the most practical and steadfast methods that can be used to get the best out of the various facets of digital media that you use in order to promote your business. Being informed is always the key when you are planning to deal with the new age concepts.

Over the past few years, a number of major and impactful changes have taken in the field of search engine optimization, and it is best that you get to know about these changes. As a business owner if you are not sure about the change in the methods and the trends of search engine optimization, then it is very likely that you will not be able to get the aptest and accurate results at any point in time.

The thing is that the various algorithms of the various search engines in order to rate and display the various sites undergo a lot of change as per the demands of time. So, the techniques and ideas of search engine optimization also have to undergo a lot of change in order to remain relevant and effective.

One of the most vital things about search engine optimization that has changed is the method of selection of the various keywords for different types of businesses and sites. In the earlier times, it was believed that links from social media do not have a lot of impact on the overall outcome of search engine optimization but in the recent past this belief has changed.

You must find out all that is possible about the impact of your social media profiles on the search engine optimization of your site or your business. It is true that over the past decade the role of social media has grown a lot more than one could have anticipated at the onset of these trends.

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Information Technology And Business- How Important Is The Connect?

Every business needs to join hands with other fields such as legal, accounting, etc. for its completion. Information Technology is the latest member in the list. With the increasing growth of IT these days, one can undoubtedly say that in the near future, no business would be able to survive without making use of technology. Before going into the details, have a look at
http://avantgardetechnologies.com.au/ to know about the different areas where business can make use of technology. The scope is really immense.According to businesswire.com, the present plight of business is in such a way that most of the business owners are aware of the need for implementing technology, but the required investment is what concerns them. This is some food for thought. Is the concern necessary and valid? Read on, and you will have an answer!

Why Is Information Technology Important?
The benefits of technology for a business are uncountable. Let us categorize them for the sake of analysis.
· Better reach- Technology undoubtedly increases the reach of the business. Consider the case of two businesses- one having a website and the other without it. It’s obvious that the former one will have more reach to potential customers.
· Efficiency improvement- Technology helps to streamline operations which, in turn, minimizes overheads, maximizes profit and thus improves overall efficiency.
· Superior customer service- Prompt and quality service to the customers can be ensured with the right use of technology.
· Better partner relationships- Proper technology enriches the relationship with partners thereby taking the business to higher levels.

How Much Is The Extent Required?
Should I just go for the basics or is a complete technological makeover required? This concern will be there for most of the beginners while just starting to make use of technology. The answer depends on the type of business. For example, manufacturing and retail industry do not require a very high investment in technology whereas finance and healthcare have to invest considerably. This may vary depending on the industry requirements which are changing every day.

A business owner who has enough experience is the one who can take the best decision in this regard. You know your industry better! So go for those improvements which you believe, will give your business a boost.

Who Are The Providers?
It is very important that you approach the right place for technical support. There are a number of consultants available in this field. Do extensive research before choosing so that you do not make a mistake.

What Is The Cost?
The overall cost includes the initial investment, maintenance cost and up-gradation cost (if required). Initial cost is associated with hardware and software installation and the training. Maintenance and up-gradation cost constitutes the timely finance required for the proper functioning of the installed items.
Considering the advantages that IT offers to your business, the financial investment that you need to put in is negligible. You will be able to easily recover your investment within a short period due to the efficiency boost that implementation of technology guarantees to your business. So leave your worries aside and go ahead!

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